About Us

We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Registered Charity No : 1152078

Our aims…tools of the trade

  • To establish a comprehensive archive dedicated to River Trent history and heritage
  • To encourage visitors to interact with and add their own memories and photographs to the archive for future generations
  • To show the importance of Newark as the base of operations of operations of the Trent Navigation Company and after nationalisation, British Waterways, which gave employment to many local people
  • To show how barges were built and repaired here and how men worked the Trent from the days of sail to the present day and show the skills involved
  • To purchase and preserve the last available Trent size dumb (unpowered) barge
  • To make this barge the base for the River Heritage centre and moor it at Newark Town Wharf open to the public and for use by schools, research students and other interested groups
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