The Sparks are still Flying at the Yard

FP12.04.145Progress on the hull has been good, as evidenced by the photos. The steel plate has been acquired and is on hand for fitting during the week/s ahead. Any able bodied welders would still be very welcome to lend a hand, please see the previous post for Les’s contact details and the site location. Some of the additional/replacement anodes have been fitted, and we are grateful to Les and his team who have brought the work to the stage it is at so far – I know Les’s reaction will be “there’s a way to go yet!”

Progress Report 06/04/2014

FP39Since last Saturday the 29th the hull has been jetwashed and the survey undertaken. The good news is that the repairs required are not as extensive as anticipated given all the unknowns we were dealing with, and Les has commenced the preparation of the hull for the required repairs. This includes preparation for plate installation and welding as can be seen from the photos. This work will continue through the next three weeks, and we are desperate for any help we can get, especially on the welding side. If any reader knows of anyone capable of lending a hand please contact Les on his mobile no 07971589612. Once repairs are complete the next big task will be the painting of the hull, and again anybody able to assist please come and help! As previously mentioned the works all have to be competed within the next three weeks, so work will be being undertaken every day of the week including weekends and any members or supporters who can call in to make a cup of tea for all involved will be very welcome. The yard is situated on Millgate Road accessed off the B6166, proceed down Millgate one way to the first turning left at The White House, and proceed through the main gates slowly and carefully as there will be tools and machinery in the yard!

The Big Lift

Our thanks to Izzie and Dave for these fantastic images of the crane lift on Monday 31st

Trade and Traffic on the Trent

We have received a series in poster format of research funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council through the University of Nottingham. Our grateful thanks to Hywel Maslen and Phil Riden for this material. To view these please click on the History and Heritage tab and select Trade and Traffic on the Trent.



Getting Into the Spirit of Christmas

Margi and Hes decorated the tree in the St Mary Magdalene Church,in the town centre of Newark, and along with help from members they have made another stunning presentation to go with all the other organisations efforts in this annual event.Xmas1341 The model again serves as a fantastic stand, and this year’s decorations highlight the fact that our barge “Leicester Trader” is 60 years old this year.


Naturally with the advent of Christmas thoughts also turn to the New Year and to this end we will shortly be publishing our winter newsletter.

If you are in town please visit the church and see for yourself!


Margi in the Middle

Margi in the Middle

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Our AGM is due to be held on the 7th November 2013, with lunch followed by the third Traffic and Trade on the Trent Workshop. The venue for all of these activities is the barge, now fitted with a new stove for a more efficient heating service. Our thanks as ever to Les for his hard work in achieving this. Please join us, the notice is appended below as a reminder! Please also let Hester know for catering numbers in the event you would like lunch on the day – a lovely opportunity for us to have a good old get together


Oh What A Night!


The Shanty Evening was a hugely enjoyable evening, with some memorable moments from the artists to the participating audience! (including the stuffed parrot at table ??).


Immense thanks to the committee and members who put this together. Liam Robinson and accompanying artists led from the start.The shanty selection was excellent, as was the food, the venue and the company along with the fantastic raffle,all in all a huge recipe for a well deserved successful evening. More photos of the event once the necessary permissions obtained.

shanty6 shanty11 shanty34 shanty41