Newsletter Spring 2015

Work on the hull of Leicester Trader is ongoing, having slowed considerably over the winter through weather constraints. We have however been spending time putting the internal fittings back. For the inside part of the welding work all floors had to be removed. All side panels also had to be removed to renew the insulation. All flooring has been renewed in the focsle by member Rodney Clapson, who also prepped and painted coamings and bulwarks.

We are hoping the weather will allow us to complete mig welding work next, and then we need some warm weather to apply the specialised paint which has been supplied by Chugoku Paints B.V. This was donated free from a request by Les’ sea captain friend Clive Laverack. The value of this paint we believe to be several thousands of pounds, so it must be applied exactly to specification.

Anyone wishing more specific information or feel they might be able to help please contact Les.

Committee news some of you may be aware at the well-attended A.G.M. held on 1st November 2014 Hester Kapur retired as Chairman and Barry Thompson was elected in her place. A sad farewell to Hester and our grateful thanks for contributions over the three years she so capably led us as Chairman. Sadly Dorothy Britton retired as Treasurer from January 2015, and we welcome Paul Strudwick as her successor. Thanks and appreciation also go to Dorothy for her contributions over the years. There being no other nominations the remainder of the committee being willing to continue were re-elected.

We welcomed the opportunity offered by the University of Leicester School of Design for their students to engage with us to design the internal layouts of the Leicester Trader. This was originally set up between Hester and Rosemarie Fitton Subject Leader Interior Design at the Leicester De Montfort University. On the 8th January 2015 13 students visited Leicester Trader and were amazed at what they found inside. Two weeks later Les and Marian Reid went to the university to scrutinise each student’s work, the results of which will be part of their course work markings. We thank the students for their valuable contributions with good ideas to be passed on to us for future use.

The next fund raising activity will be our spring Shanties and Stuff to be held on 27th march 2015 by popular request at the same venue of Staythorpe Electricity Sports and Social Club. Tickets go on sale shortly and will no doubt as per previous shanty evenings be a sellout.