Progress Report



Project Manager Les Reid at the newly painted rudder and stern of Leicester Trader


Pete Oldham at work. Thank you for your major contribution to painting and carpentry Pete, much appreciated



Progress Update February 2015


When the smoke gets in your eyes…


The New Hatch

Les’s newsletter (click here to access) mentioned that the repairs to the hull were being delayed through the weather conditions, but that has not stopped our Project Leader from working all available time he can on the barge. Les yesterday was creating a new lighter weight hatch cover for the foscsle access, as seen in these photos he’s making (as normal) a really good job of it! A reminder any help offered will be gratefully received, Les’s contact phone number is 07971 589 612 if you feel you can help in any way.

An Evening of No Ums but plenty of Rrrrr’s

Another highly enjoyable evening’s entertainment was had by all and the venue was fantastic too!

Progress Report Monday 18th May

The repair works continue as can be seen from the images below, with the next stage of painting the hull before returning Leicester Trader to the water, hopefully to participate in fine fettle at the Newark Festival mid June. The images show Les at work from the inside, Les taking time out to catch up and chat on progress and Les and James reviewing the day’s work.

LT21.05.141 LT21.05.148 LT21.05.1419

Transport and Trade on the Trent since 1850

12 months of research concluded on 26th April 2014 at North Muskham Rural Community Centre with an afternoon of talks and discussion to consider how best to make the results available – talks by those who have undertaken the work, Philip Riden, Hywel Maslen and Wendy Freer – and discussion on material to be included in a book on the Trent in this period. A more detailed invitation and guide is available, please click here to access, or go to our events page to view.

Thank you to all the participants who made this such an informative and useful day, in particular Philip Riden, Hywel Maslen and the team of Nottingham University in conjuction with


The Sparks are still Flying at the Yard

FP12.04.145Progress on the hull has been good, as evidenced by the photos. The steel plate has been acquired and is on hand for fitting during the week/s ahead. Any able bodied welders would still be very welcome to lend a hand, please see the previous post for Les’s contact details and the site location. Some of the additional/replacement anodes have been fitted, and we are grateful to Les and his team who have brought the work to the stage it is at so far – I know Les’s reaction will be “there’s a way to go yet!”